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Chef Elle Cowan is a Northern California native Pastry Chef and Chocolatier. Over the past decade, Elle has been managing restaurant pastry, dessert, and chocolate programs as an Executive Pastry Chef in Los Angeles, New York, and Bangkok, Thailand. In 2020, Elle moved back to California to do what she does best: bring joy to people through beautifully crafted food.

Elle's latest passion projects are EC Handmade Confections & SoDo Donuts. EC Confections is Elle's chocolates and confections company that has expanded from bon bons to other tasty confections including caramel popcorn & brandied ganache dipped figs. SoDo donuts is a popup project that involves very seasonal donut fillings using an all sourdough approach to donuts.

Her confections carry a penchant for unique combinations of ingredients, textures, and palate-pleasing flavors. Her work as a recipe developer for Cairnspring Mills has kept her passion for bread and pastry alive. You'll find her Cairnspring flour recipes such as the sourdough English muffin, naan, or pinsa romana on their website.


Keep up with Elle's work on her personal IG page @e_l_l_e_ or her chocolates & confections brand @ecconfections or her sourdough donuts brand @sododonuts

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