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Our Story

We are Elle Cowan & Heather Siperstein, both Pastry Chefs living in the East Bay Area.

We make sourdough donuts that are slow fermented for a complex flavor and ridiculously good texture. Our fillings are not too sweet, to let the dough shine through (and so we can eat more of them). We use single-varietal, organic stone-milled Cairnspring Mills flour, which we think adds more complexity in the dough and aids in a superior texture. Our filings are made with organic, local products when possible.

As we continue to grow we hope to incorporate more flavors; both sweet & savory. 

Meet The Lineup

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The Back Story

Elle & Heather actually met for the first time in Bangkok, Thailand, where Elle was living & working. Heather was traveling Southeast Asia & they had a mutual friend also living in Thailand, who Heather had planned on seeing on her trip. As it turns out, Heather & Elle grew up in the same hometown of Davis, CA & had actually graduated the same year without knowing each other. Coincidentally enough, they both end up as Pastry Chefs, who had also lived in NY at the same time, again, without knowing each other. It wasn't until Bangkok that they met & Heather tried Elle's sourdough donuts at one of the cafe's where she had worked.