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We are SoDo Donuts

SoDo Donuts is the first all-sourdough donut company in the Bay Area. The process for our handcrafted dough takes place over three days before we fry off fresh donuts in high quality rice bran oil. We pride ourselves on using some of the best ingredients we can find including dairy from Straus Creamery, fruits and flowers from our own garden and local eggs from Johnson Farms in Briones, California. For our flour, we only use single-varietal, organic, stone-milled Cairnspring Mills flour, which adds layers of complexity in the dough and aids in a superior texture.

We make sourdough donuts that are slow fermented for a unique flavor and ridiculously good texture. We like our fillings to be not too sweet - to let the quality of the dough shine through (and so we can eat more of them). 

While the dough is always the same, we are constantly crafting new fillings and toppings to reflect what’s growing fresh seasonally in California. We also love to incorporate creative and exotic flavors that we think are just outright delightful.

We can't wait for you to try our donuts!


Follow us on instagram @SoDoDonuts to keep up with new flavors & events.

You can order SoDo Donuts on our new website!

We are constantly changing and evolving to make a better experience for our customers. One of those changes was making a centralized place to order both EC Confections and SoDo Donuts. Check out our new website to find out more information about SoDo ordering, events & more.

Meet The Lineup


Vanilla Sugar 

coated in vanilla bean sugar to allow the sourdough to shine


Carrot Cake Fritter

citrus & cinnamon cream cheese glaze


Sun Dried Tomato + Chèvre

creamy goat cheese and tomato filling *optional prosciutto 


Toasted Sesame Custard

steeped sesame seed cream + sesame tile


Kaya + Coffee   *Signature Flavor

caramelized pandan infused coconut jam + coffee glaze


Chocolate Lavender Custard

lavender infused milk & dark chocolate custard


Berries + Cream

3 berry jam with vanilla bean cream + seasonal flowers



we're already working on new flavors

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