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Inspiring memories with exciting flavors

We're now located at the Berkeley Kitchens.

"Perfect Pair" Collection now available for pick-up!




Always strive for the best of the best.

- Each season I plan to make a chocolate box that reflect what's growing in CA but also flavors that inspire me. Living in Thailand for 4 years while traveling throughout Southeast Asia has opened my eyes to new varieties of fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs. For Thais, food is a large part of their culture. They will hunt down the best of the best and are always thinking about their next meal. Thais have (in my opinion) the most beautiful food culture & I will always cherish my time spent in their beautiful country.

Now that I've moved back to Northern California I plan to be re-inspired by things that I grew up with, but also challenge those memories with new flavor combination that I've learned throughout my travels. I hope to create delicious combinations that spark nostalgia but also create new memories using the best possible ingredients.


We must make better choices for the future.

- When I first started making my chocolates, packaging was always going to be my biggest obstacle. My goal was to not use any plastic and wanted my products to be packaged in only paper or compostable materials. A majority of my packaging is made in the US & I will continue to source as local as possible. My packaging is nothing fancy because simplicity is key. The main focus should be on the flavors and texture of the chocolates.

I use organic produce, organic dairy when possible and primarily using ingredients from local Bay Area shops that source from the best. 

I'm using Valrhona 70% Guanaja dark chocolate for all of my dipped and molded chocolates, along with various other white, blonde, milk and dark Valrhona chocolates for many of my fillings. 

As I continue to grow my business, I hope to incorporate more local ingredients and source better packaging materials.

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